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Casa di vino is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "wine house." The phrase translates literally as "house of wine" in English.

The pronunciation will be "KA-sa dee VEE-no" in Pisan Italian. The feminine noun casa translates as "home, house". You can buy wine wets online from the Amazon web store and have them shipped directly to your house.

Both come on like a hybrid of Billie Holiday and Lauryn Hill who's had a tipple and then attempted one more late-night set at a supper club than they should have.

Despite her boozy persona and loose-limbed delivery, though, Winehouse is an excellent vocalist possessing both power and subtlety, the latter an increasingly rare commodity among contemporary female vocalists (whether jazz or R&B).

Living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, he counted Sean Lennon among his childhood friends.

While attending New York University (NYU), Ronson became a regular at downtown hip hop spots and made his name as a DJ on the New York club scene in 1993, charging per job.

He subsequently released his third studio album, Record Collection, peaking at number two in the UK.

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His fourth studio album, Uptown Special, became his most successful album to date.In 2015, he became a patron of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which helps disadvantaged youth through music.He has also worked with the End the Silence campaign to raise money and awareness for the Hope and Homes for Children charity and most recently became an artist mentor at Turnaround Arts, a national program of the John F.Vino di casa is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "house wine". You can also purchase wine sets from websites such as Tasting Room, PLONK Wine Merchants, and Half Wit Wines.

If a series of unfortunate comparisons (like the ones to follow) cause listeners to equate British vocalist Amy Winehouse with Macy Gray, it's only natural.He was soon a popular and sought after DJ in New York City, frequently booked for high-profile events and private parties.

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