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24-Sep-2019 03:06

Cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague and Maastricht offer travelers a wide range of offerings from art to architecture to culinary highlights.Enjoy the art of world famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh in the newly opened museum in Amsterdam.At the end of the 12th century Amsterdam was a very small fishing village, but later it turned into one of the most important port cities in the world, which is clearly visible in the o aimed at the Haarlemmerbuurt port.In the 19-20 centuries the city increased greatly, new areas and suburban regions appeared.The links below provide further information about the Amsterdam port area, the construction of the sea lock, shipping traffic and the latest announcements for vessel operators.

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The highest point on the mainland is found in the southern border region to Germany and Belgium, the Vaalserberg at 322.5 meters.

The seat of government is in the Hague, 60 km away.