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Many would argue that the imbalance of power between 'buyer' and 'seller' is less of a problem in Amsterdam.Here, working girls have the chance to be their own bosses and earn for themselves, often free of the pimps that are the dominant feature of prostitution in many other parts of the world. The legal status of prostitution in Amsterdam can be said to create a demand which some people will seek to fill, regardless of the moral consequences.Latvia Lithuania Estonia Finland Denmark Sweden Norway Israel United States Japan Russia Switzerland Poland Germany Hungary Croatia France Italy Belgium Austria Czech Spain Slovakia Greece United Kingdom Mexico Netherlands Ireland Romania Argentina Canada Australia Turkey Bahamas Thailand Iran Iceland Brazil Portugal Egypt Bulgaria Vatican Cape Verde Iraq Chile Puerto Rico Vietnam Barbados Curaçao Dominican Republic Indonesia Scotland Morocco El Salvador Costa Rica Nicaragua Tanzania Serbia Ukraine Honduras Nepal South Africa Saudi Arabia India Republic of Singapore Taiwan Bosnia and Herzegovina Jamaica Madagaskar Seychelles Uruguay Cambodia Amsterdam is famous with its canals, museums and historical sights.Without a doubt this city is associated with bicycles.Van Gogh museum holds the world’s largest collection of masterpieces of the most recognizable artist.More than 1.6 million people per year visit this museum to see Van Gogh drawings, paintings and letters.When their career comes to an end, they often find themselves in a dead end.

What to do in Amsterdam Streets of Amsterdam as you can see on our is becoming very busy at night.Antique shops, narrow streets, quaint buildings, art galleries, beautiful gardens, atmospheric cafes and bars, rich nightlife that is all about Amsterdam.Famous attractions in Amsterdam Probably, museums are the main tourist attraction in the capital of Netherlands.Not many Dutch choose this career since they apparently have better options.

Most women in the Amsterdam red light district are between 20 and 30, as there's little demand for older women.

But the rosy-red colors and the girls' seductive smiles only tell part of the story.