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It had been previously thought that is also known for its bigger brain and flatter face, Haile-Selassie explained, calling into question the ancestry of later hominins who also had projecting cheekbones and oval-shaped earholes that resembled those of , a 2,500-year-old perforated seal tooth that may have been worn as a pendant, a weaving comb carved from bone, pottery, and shards of Roman glass have been discovered at Swandro, a coastal Iron Age site on the largest of the Orkney Islands off Scotland’s northern coast.

Muddy footprints suggest the children marched one mile from the adobe city of Chan Chan to the burial site, and lesions on their breastbones indicate they were killed with ceremonial knives before they were buried facing the sea.

Stairs probably led to a ten-foot-tall, defended tower entrance.

“In the event of a siege,” he said, “even if the city and the castle are taken over, the last defenders and the local aristocrat with their family can hold out for a long time until outside aid arrives or supplies finish.” To read about another recent find at Rusokastro, go to "Iconic Discovery." , which sank in the high Arctic during an expedition launched in 1845 by Sir John Franklin to find the Northwest Passage.

Glass bangles and molds dating to the later Iron Age were also recovered.

Finds from this same period included iron tools such as pestles, chisels, sickles, nails, axes, daggers, and knives, as well as bangles, rings, and blades made of copper.Cleveland Museum of Natural History paleoanthropologist Yohannes Haile-Selassie says the skull belongs to the human ancestor , thought to have lived as early as 4.2 million years ago and known mainly by its jaws and teeth.

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