Am dating emotional abuser

14-Apr-2020 16:18

In Stines' view, it can be scary, but “it’s healthy to risk love again.

Dating violence is when someone you’re going out with hurts you or repeatedly tries to control you. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, how long you’ve been with the person, or how serious the relationship is. Abusive relationships can look like: These behaviors are ways for your boyfriend or girlfriend to control you or have all the power in your relationship.

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In his words, “the more you experience fear, the more sensitized to possible danger you become. If I didn’t like a man and didn’t want to see him again, maybe it was because I still had a ‘thing’ for bad boys. Once I was in a relationship, I worried that I’d make the same mistake, that he’d flip a switch one day and turn into an abusive man. And if your ex engaged in gaslighting, your faith in your own judgement is even harder to rebuild. You have to find your intuition again and learn to trust yourself.” At some point I had to work through and let go of my constant questioning of myself, but it wasn’t easy.If you're in an abusive relationship, you need to get out of it.