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For Gold Membership there are no age or earning restrictions on who we will active a date with. You are allocated a dedicated personal advisor who will recommend members to you and tell you about them and about new members who have joined Your advisor may access a special data base of non-members who were head-hunted for our VIP who have given us permission (99% have) and that you have expressed a positive interest in meeting, subject to sight of their photograph.Refund Contributions: We will refund up to £430 of your membership fee towards approved training courses. In addition you are given a priority in accessing new members after the VIP members. Monthly Service Fee £65Your dedicated VIP advisor Julia, will visit you and spend half a day with you at your home, understanding you and your lifestyle.We may offer DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP at £3650 plus £90 per month service fee with all the benefits of VIP except one, VIP’s will always jump to the front of the queue to meet new members as soon as they join. It is similar to VIP but with many added benefits including Alun Jenkins (the owner) arranging your introductions when necessary and also setting up introductions with clients when they attend their initial interview in London.

Recorder Jenkins said: "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that." Tranter replied: "Yes – thank you very much." The following morning, the judge warned barristers in court that a lack of respect would no longer be tolerated.It is the same service as Presidential with an absolute success guarantee,that should you fail to find a long term partner (usually to marry or live with) within 2 years of active membership, we will at your request refund your fee as follows.