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01-Nov-2019 20:58

He was the perfect boyfriend for about 4 months, we were so in love (I’m still in love) then started to withdraw.

On my part, I have attachment issues, probably co-dependency, which may have caused him to withdraw.

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We’re separated now because it seemed to me like he wanted out of the relationship but didn’t have the guts to end it, so I did it.He is still very sweet when we do see each other but he doesn’t have a libido anymore.It seems to me like I was the new exciting thing for a while, then one year later, it’s like he’d want me to just be there sometimes for a cuddle but is not interested in (or doesn’t even grasp the concept of) partnership, teamwork in a long term relationship.The good news is that you are always an active participant in your marriage. Judgmental, critical thoughts distance you from peace and love.

You can choose your role, how you communicate, and the behaviors that can either strengthen or weaken your bond. Every trait has a positive and negative side to it. Sometimes you have to look hard to find it, but if you value your relationship it’s worth the effort.He tends to make empty promises, doesn’t always seem interested when I talk, forgets about the things we discuss, doesn’t seem to be able to make some time for me (we see each other like once a week), he says things like “I know I’m not treating you well, you deserve better” but yet doesn’t do anything to change his behavior.

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