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Instead, as a kind of regulation, the Interior Ministry introduced entry restrictions, high fees for extensions of stay and the kafala (in-country sponsor) system for Syrians.Refugees came nevertheless, but from that point on they crossed illegally over the green border.That was part of the close, though not unproblematic relationship between the two countries since each gained independence.The refugees crossed the border legally and were able to freely disperse over the entire country and register with the UN Refugee Agency.

It is not rare for Lebanese to protest against Syrian businesses for luring away customers with low prices.

Roughly 1 million Syrian refugees have registered with the UN Refugee Agency in Lebanon (947,000 as of January 2019).

There is also an unknown number of unregistered Syrians.

However, Syrians in Lebanon had less reason to celebrate.

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The new Minister for Refugee Affairs, Saleh Gharib, belongs to the faction in the Lebanese government that is loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.Lebanon is one of the countries in the world that has taken in the most refugees.

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