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An exception to this includes the communications between the accused and his or her defense counsel and the communications that have are unrelated to the object of the investigation.” This provision focuses on five important topics: the object of surveillance, due process, the means provided for, the role of the accused, and the crimes involved: 1.

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In other words, it allows for free expression to occur first and, if the expression violates the legal framework, only then should appropriate action be taken.March 2016 - This report reviews the legal authorities and regulatory structure in Uruguay governing surveillance.The paper identifies a series of legal, constitutional, and international principles that seem poised to offer protection for civil liberties but are unfortunately widely circumvented in practice.points out that the intercepted material can only be revealed when a copy of the transcription presented at the hearing is delivered to the defendant.

Therefore, the affected individual won't be notified until the hearing takes place.

But, like many countries in the region, there have been cases of abuse—in Uruguay, particularly during its last military dictatorship (1973-1985).