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In other words, if your page needed to show constantly updated information, you either had to put in some kind of auto-refresh hack or make the user refresh or click a link to make things happen. The first Ajax allows you to create a page in any programming language, then refresh different parts of that page with information from a database or some other back-end server process.

For example, say you have an e-commerce site that shows products for sale.

What about the final two pieces: the although the XML part is sometimes not really true.

Plenty of Ajax applications work well without any XML code at all: They merely pass HTML or even plain text back and forth.

The best way to describe Ajax is to compare it to what you already know.

Most Web pages and applications work in synchronous mode.

If you're like most PHP developers, you probably learned your craft the old-fashioned way.

You learned how to define and build simple PHP pages, connect them to simple My SQL tables, and off you went.

Now that the basics of j Query are out of the way, let's build a simple phone-book application with PHP and My SQL.plentyoffish is a dating website which was started by a jobless canadian sql programmer casually and made it such big that it gives him millions annually.Here is skadate a dating script with long range of features which may boost a dating website.Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do with j Query, but this is a good first glance.

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With a simple built-in function, j Query ensures that your code will work because it waits for the page to load.You could add an Ajax function that would run a separate PHP page containing a My SQL query, then repopulate the information on the original page without any input from the user or without regard to the synchronous nature of the click-wait-view pattern of events.