Airtel dating tips

06-Apr-2020 01:55

Bharti Airtel is a dominant player in the world of telecom which had over 394 million customers spanning all over the globe at the end of December 2017.Airtel is also offering various voice and data plans which includes Unlimited calling packs starting from Rs149.Looking at the calls, sms’s and internet bundles for almost the same amount of money it is clear that you get more from Airtel Unliminet.

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This plan was also revamped to a Kshs 108 Storo Bonus plan where you have to spend more than the previous Kshs 50 to get the free talk time.

Continuous connectivity in this day and age is a superior factor in a consumer’s needs; and with service providers constantly advertising more new and exciting offers, customers are more inclined to services that offer them better.

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