Airline dating pilot

10-Dec-2019 04:12

He can finally sleep by around pm, but needs to be up at am to report for work an hour later.

“Rest Time” is counted from the minute you shut down the plane to the minute you turn it back on, so while that may be eight hours, it’s definitely not all rest time. Pilots need to be focused and engaged the entire time, isn’t that how you’d want your pilot to be?

For the most part, pilots and flight attendants are friendly with one another (but international companies don’t want them to be too friendly, so they place them in separate hotels on layovers).

However, where my husband currently works, the flight attendants are told to “keep an eye on” and report pilots for misbehavior.

Once I learned of this shocker, I started chipping in a lot more. S., Alex was “on reserve”, meaning he sat around the airport all day waiting for a pilot to call in sick so he can fly.

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But then he told me he was a pilot, and I was like, “Hello! Suddenly this man in front of me was now more attractive and interesting.

This sounds reasonable, until you understand that taking cookies from the galley without asking a flight attendant or being in the restroom too long is means for a write up. If the passengers aren’t offered food, neither are the pilots.