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This is a serious ethical violation and possibly classifiable as prosecutorial misconduct.

The two agents working Turpiano’s case spent ten months compiling a 387-page report of investigation.

These are odd investigative choices if OSI and Lt Col Huisman indeed considered Turpiano a sex predator so dangerous that he needed to be physically and professionally isolated from his teammates.

The final OSI report, filed in January of 2014, recommended Turpiano be charged with six counts of sexual misconduct against six different women.

But just as important is the story of what happened to Turpiano in the time between the opening of the investigation and the moment he finally faced charges.

After Huisman’s gag order, which isolated Turpiano from his support system and inhibited his defense preparations, others in the chain of command took actions that damaged his standing and reputation in the community at Goodfellow.

She repeatedly requested counsel both before and after rights advisement and was denied access to counsel by the agents.

It also had the effect of knocking him out of training just a few days short of graduation and professionally damaging him long before a single charge had been filed.