After updating bios cmos checksum bad olx dating site

12-Nov-2019 22:16

It showed the logo and everything and it booted to windows fine with no issues.Until I eanted to change my video out put to a GPU. Recently I did a clean install of windows XP on my PC, everything goes smooth and no errors. Thanks & good luck Cmos equals continuous metal oxide semiconductor. I've been doing some reformat and clean install before and I never encounter this problem before its my 1st time to have this problem..But after a day I use it and shut it down for an hour and when I return and turn my PC again this problem comes out... It is the small disk battery found on your motherboard. (it's probably this) = but sad to say it doesn't fix the problem still there.... T_T As dbarker suggested please post as much detail as requested.But it is important for the relevant details of the MB.Mike Just a clarification CMOS and cmos battery are not the same.

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just to clarify I did not reinstall WXP just because this problem occurred but because it wasn't use for a long time so I decided to reinstall the OS to get rid of all old files and as I said it goes great and then suddenly after a day this problem just pop out... SLanguage=en&p=1&m=P4VP-MX&s=15&hashedid=h2Iybi Xlhuh UUW38&os=&no=1704 Download the latest BIOS file (I would suggest not the beta) and BIOS updater from here

CMOS is a circuitry design/chip while cmos battery (mostly CR2032 on computers) powers the cmos so that it can retain whatever data the cmos holds even when for example a PC (with the BIOS configuration) is turned off.

As to the OP's problem, maybe clearing cmos through a jumper on the motherboard might resolve the checksum error.

- yeah at first when this problem is not around but when this problem occurred I can't able to go to BIOS setup ..

@germ-x - I did a clean install of WXP just because I wasn't use for a long time....So when I restarted the PC and went to boot up into the BIOS it would never post to it and it would just keep booting to windows and not into the BIOS.

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