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18-Oct-2019 07:13

” —Wendy, North Vancouver How did we become so insensitive about sexually transmitted infections?

(Like, stop it with the herpes jokes, guys.) Well, for one thing, sex education fails to give enough weight to A) how common chronic STIs are, and B) how not to be an asshole about them.

" "Like Momo said, everyone has the right to choose who they do or don't sleep with, regardless of their reasons," said Felix.

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I've seen numbers as high as 80 percent.) Frankly, it seems about as significant medically as minimally contagious mild acne.

(Some risks to pregnancies and immunosuppressed people exist, and I know logically it's not my call to determine what may be serious for someone else.) I justify nondisclosure to myself these ways, even though I know it's not ethical. —Deserves To Be Alone A: You're not a garbage human, DTBA.

And while we don't agree with DTBA's choice to not disclose to her partners, we understand why she might have made those choices.

The stigma against herpes is terrible." Momo and Felix both feel—and I'm with them—that you need to be completely honest with this guy, even if it means the relationship could end. He might have a disclosure of his own to make—he could have herpes, too—or the relationship could end for other reasons.

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being so accomodating

You’re not unclean—you’re just one of millions who picked up a l’il ol’ bug in the course of living your life.DTBA needs to acknowledge her actions (opting for nondisclosure) and their impact (putting her partner at risk without his informed consent). Help A Reluctant Miss A: I shared your letter with Momo and Felix, HARM, and they wanted to respond to you individually.

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