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09-Sep-2020 22:44

This economic power leaves women open to choose who they would like to date based on qualities other than earning power or financial considerations.

However, being a sole or primary bread winner may still be unappealing to a woman. Presently, over half of men age 24 and under still reside solely with their parents.

Therefore, many older women may simply want a fun companion to spend their time with instead of an older, dependable husband.

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In today’s world, however, marriages composed of an older woman and a younger man have become more common.In present times, females are now earning college degrees one-third more often than males.Women have become increasingly successful in developing their own careers; it is just as common for a woman to have a job as it is for a male.Today, the average man will not enter into marriage until he is 28 years old, as opposed to the average of 22.5 years old 50 years ago.

However, more women are opting to not get married as quickly.Although large age gaps in relationships can correspond to conflicts in values, priorities and lifestyles, “May-December” relationships can also have advantages for both the man and the woman.

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