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You can explore the same articles listed by order of importance or by article date. He is also the impassioned prophet of a new “psychocivilized” society whose members would influence and alter their own mental functions to create a “happier, less destructive and better balanced man.” [Delgado said,] “We know that [E. B.] can delay a heartbeat, move a finger, bring a word to memory, evoke a sensation.” [His] animals performed like electrical toys. tremendous.” Note: Though quite long, this entire intriguing article is well worth reading.

By choosing to educate ourselves on these important issues and to spread the word, we can and will build a brighter future. One monkey, Ludy, each time she was stimulated [would] stand up on two feet and circle to the right; climb a pole and then descend again. Sometimes ravenously hungry rats, ignoring nearby food, would stimulate themselves up to 5,000 times an hour—persisting with manic singleness of purpose for more than a day running, until they keeled over on the floor in a faint! states of arousal and pleasure have been evoked" ... One patient of ours was a rather reserved 30‐year‐old woman. If behavior manipulation was this advanced in 1970, what are they capable of now, and why is it being kept quiet?

Below are highly revealing excerpts of important big brother news stories reported in the media that suggest a major cover-up.

Links are provided to the full stories on their major media websites. These big brother news stories are listed by date posted to this webpage. at one cerebral point made her suddenly confess her passionate regard for the therapist—whom she'd never seen before." According to one psychoanalyst, “The danger of this being abused is ...

One of Ingo Swann's remote viewing demonstrations at SRI was to pinpoint the location of Soviet submarines around the world. believed he had a potential class A espionage agent who could roam psychically anywhere in the world — in effect, the perfect spy.

For the past 25 years, various branches of the millitary and intelligence communities have actively investigated this highly controversial field of parapsychology. that the Russians are able telepathically to influence the behavior of others, alter their emotions or health, knock them out or even kill.

However, the following year that number rose to just over 3,000 crimes.

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The sheriff’s office also offers a searchable database of sexual offenders, in which citizens can look up by either address or by name of criminals in their area. Between 20, more than 9,000 crimes occurred in Cherokee County, Georgia.

No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to use this free personals site.

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