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And, through all these years, it has yet to engender a historical perspective that one may dub as an ‘Adulisian paradigm’ that identifies it as the epicenter of an ‘Erythraean civilization’ located about thirty miles south of the port city of Massawa in the Gulf of Zula.Though Adulis may have undergone initial surveys and archaeological excavations spanning the years of 1840 to 1962, the artifacts of these excavations are still in Ethiopia.As a result, Adulis has been studied as part and parcel of the Axumite kingdom by most, if not all, scholars of the region.

The fact that those tall obelisks and steles are conspicuously absent from these earlier and preliminary excavations bespeaks of one and only one thing, which is: Adulis may have been under the Axumite influence and maybe sometimes under its suzerainty, but continuously an integral part of the Axumite kingdom, it was NOT.

Then I fought the Annine and the Metine who live on precipitous mountains as well as the people of Sesea.

They took refuge on an inaccessible peak, but I besieged them on all sides and captured them, and chose among them young men and women, boys and virgins. I defeated also the barbarian people of Rauso who live by the aromatics trade, in immense plains without water, and the Solate, whom I also defeated, imposing on them the task of guarding the sea-lanes.

I sent an expedition by sea and land against the peoples living on the other side of the Erythraean Sea, that is the Arabitas and the Kinaidokolpitas, and after subjugating their kings I commanded them to pay me tribute and charged them with guaranteeing the security of communications on land and sea.

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I conducted war from Leuke Kome to the land of the Sabaeans.Before the harbor lies the so-called Mountain Island, about two hundred stadia seaward from the very head of the bay, with the shores of the mainland close to it on both sides.