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26-Jun-2020 12:17

And a consensus currently exists that corporal punishment, though it can immediately extinguish a child’s misbehavior, eventuates in a large variety of markedly negative consequences (far too numerous to mention here, but which have been delineated in many articles — e.g., see my own three-part post: “Parenting Without Punishment”).So if both parties agree — as a meta-value — that, essentially, they want their child to be better behaved, I’ll suggest to them non-punitive parenting methods that have proven more effective (let alone more humane) than physical punishment.When both partners are willing to experiment with alternative child discipline methods, they routinely report that they work much better than what, till now, they’d been practicing.Problems arise when one party can’t get comfortable treating the child in a way that’s vastly different from how, growing up, they were treated.

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And also, how they can actively (though peacefully) confront and minimize differences at the root of their disharmony.

So, to provide one quick example, say a husband has exhibited chronic problems with anger.