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“Miracle Hill’s spiritual identity is first and foremost that of brothers and sisters in Christ working together to minister to the needy in Christ’s name.” A change in policy doesn’t end it for Maddonna, however.The mother of three, who is married to a man, maintains that she still cannot sign Miracle Hill’s statement of faith because she disagrees with its policy of not placing children with same-sex couples.“The county already allows the church to host a secular charter school on its property and has now correctly determined that Crosspoint has an equal right to host a private Christian school that’s motivated by its convictions.” — Popular Christian satire site The Babylon Bee is abuzz about the fact-checking site Snopes, and it’s not kidding around this time.The Bee tweeted that when Snopes recently fact-checked an article, it not only rated it false but also suggested that it was not satire and was intended to deceive readers.Public accommodation laws originated to prevent hotels and restaurants from declining service to someone on the basis of race, religion, age, or national origin—a common practice before the civil rights era.Now newer, more expansive public accommodation laws are being used against people of faith, Scruggs said.“The bottom line is that the law says you can’t make any distinctions based on political beliefs,” Scruggs said, “yet government should not be forcing citizens to champion political causes that violate their deepest convictions.” Like many municipalities, Ann Arbor’s law bans “public accommodations”—organizations that offer goods or services to the public—from discriminating on the basis of a broad range of classifications.It includes traditional categories such as race, sex, religion, and national origin and, as a result of amendments made in 2014, sexual orientation, gender identity, and political beliefs.


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Two Michigan conservatives are challenging a local law that could force them to do political consulting for candidates and organizations with which they disagree.

Aimee Maddonna sued Miracle Hill Ministries, an evangelical Protestant organization, in February for declining to work with her because, as she put it, she’s “not the right kind of Christian.” Greenville, S.

C.–based Miracle Hill only worked with fellow Protestants in its homeless shelters, thrift stores, and drug-recovery programs, and it referred prospective Catholic foster parents to other child-placing agencies.

Sarasota County informed the school it needed a special exception under the county zoning ordinance.


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After the county denied an application that cost the church more than ,000, it began fining the school 0 per day for noncompliance.

Michigan at the time required a physician referral for physical therapy, but his doctor wanted him to have surgery, instead.