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19-Mar-2020 04:34

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Take the poll – then click “read more” to add your comment and join the debate! We’re asked by the Special Education Director to modify lessons and tests to accommodate some low performing students.

We care about the kids and go the extra mile for those who have special needs. Because their homes do not support homework completion, we have to modify tests to accommodate them. We want our kids to achieve and have good work habits.

Classroom Accommodations Accommodations for Classroom Exams When students have approved testing accommodations (extended time; use of adaptive technology; distraction-reduced environment, etc.) and plan to take their exams in the ADS testing office, additional paperwork and preparation is required.

Many of you have heard the terms “modifications” and “accommodations.” These are two big buzz words used in special education and are often used interchangeably.

Melissa Ferry is a special education teacher for Mt. She earned her bachelor's degree from Michigan State University with an endorsement in learning disabilities.

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The real question is not whether making modifications is “fair,” but what will be lost if you provide modifications to this child?

Read more as teachers debate accommodations for students.

Pete & Pam Wright and Advocate Pat Howey join the discussion.

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE), a unit within Student Affairs, provides academic and other accommodations for students with disabilities.

To assist students to be able to participate in the various programs, services, and activities of the institution, the OAE requires the support, cooperation, and partnership of faculty, other teaching staff, and administrators within the University community.

I’m not sure why some teachers believe that differentiating instruction to help a child learn is somehow “unfair” to other kids who don’t need that particular assistance.