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Lastly, tonic accommodation refers to the default accommodative response in the absence of blur, disparity, and proximal stimuli.Tonic accommodation is commonly thought to result from baseline neural input from dual innervation of the ciliary muscle, namely the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems [3-4].The least-studied accommodative effect in TBI has been dynamic accommodative infacility, which is diagnosed when a patient exhibits a slowed accommodative response to a change in either dioptric lens power or target distance that can occur either alone or in conjunction with either accommodative insufficiency or excess [6]. also found that approximately 4 percent of 160 m TBI patients were diagnosed with accommodative infacility [11].This accommodative infacility has also been reported in a recent case series of m TBI patients [21].Patients manifesting decreased accommodative amplitude are clinically diagnosed with accommodative insufficiency [6-7].Three prospective studies [8-10] and one retrospective study [11] reported that approximately 10 to 40 percent of mild TBI (m TBI) patients exhibited accommodative insufficiency.

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These spasms often persisted 7 to 10 years despite long-term use of cycloplegic eye drops, such as atropine, to combat the accommodative spasm.

Vergence accommodation also provides a large contribution to the overall accommodative response.