Accommodating emotionally impaired

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She should try to try to provide a stress-free environment where learning is not tied to credits or grades.Using the CSA sequence will help him to understand math concepts and therefore alleviate some of his anxiety.On the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), Timothy scored 8.1 in reading and 8.9 in language.In math overall, he scored only a 2.3, indicating a significant discrepancy.Dyscalculia-which is defined as a mathematics disability resulting from neurological dysfunction-can be as complex and damaging as a reading disability, which tends to be more routinely diagnosed.According to The Math Page web site, being classified with dyscalculia means having: "intellectual functioning that falls within or above the normal range and a significant discrepancy between his/her age and math skills (usually two years or more).After he understands the concepts, the instructor can develop some pocket-sized math fact charts that Timothy can rely on when needed.

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A learning disability may occur concomitantly with other handicapping conditions such as sensory impairment, mental retardation, social and emotional disturbance.

She has never paid a bill, used a checkbook or credit card, or made a transaction at a bank.

According to Bernadette, "math was her least favorite subject." Bernadette was brought to the Adult Center by one of her children who is employed at the school.

If he can learn to use drawing to express math, he may grasp concepts more easily.

Exercises that include memory aids and thinking strategies might also be useful.The term learning disabilities is often misused and applied to students who learn in different ways.