Access table checking if still updating

28-Oct-2020 10:29

You will receive an error message at Step 3 if Access cannot make sense of the form to export it.

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You can then create the relation again (Tools menu.) This is an undocumented technique that may rescue a bad form or report by exporting it to a text file, and instructing Access to recreate it from the text file.To find the problem records, use the Find Duplicates Query Wizard (first dialog when you create a new query.) You can then delete the bad records, and mark the field as primary key again.If a relation was dropped, use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard to identify the bad records in the related query.The corruption will not occur if you apply the service packs, or use later versions of Access. When this happens, it creates a new table to notify you of the problem.

Knowledgebase article 304548 explains that the problem was with version of Vbe6 You will find a table with a name such as Compact Errors.You will see the name of the object that has not been imported, and you can then try the import again, skipping the bad form(s)/report(s).