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(as she was known in that group at that time) personally, but I knew very well that she was a sibling of Ajoy Mukherjee, the Congress leader of West Bengal and Biswanath Muknerjee, a major ideologue of the Communist Party of India(CPI). As a kid I must have taken a hundred piggy back rides on her; she was very fond of me and it was almost my right to get those rides when ever she came home! At this moment of my narration I must pause a while for a little detour; I realize that I might have confused some of my younger readers by mentioning Mohan Kumaramangalam to be a firebrand communist.

Wasn’t he a minister of the central government under Indira Gandhi? In the early years of the twentieth century, the Indian National Congress was like a village Mela.

For a Bong any where, Durga Puja is a big occasion; at least that is how it used to be when I was young. I was just about 24 years old and I felt very young.

When Durga Puja came about that year, I participated enthusiastically at the ceremonies held at Tambaram within the Air Force Station.

“We are making sure the players have an opportunity to win.

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Through out the days of Puja, she was highly visible running around and arranging events. She was married to the very high profile communist leader from Madras, Mr Mohan Kumaramangalam. She was a girl from Jessore who was a member of a study circle run by my Ma in our house.It accommodated all sorts of people with all sorts of opinions and social practices.It accommodated internal groups and a cacophony of opinions.Dr Dwayne Vernon, executive director at the SDC, said that there are indications that the competition is growing.

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“We find that this year, the majority of the teams that are at the quarter-final stage are here for the first time, so that is good for the competition because that means it is growing.” Dr Vernon explained that the double-elimination format is designed to ensure the best teams make the final four.

Though the Association was in existence for a long time, it had really settled down at the Giri Road location only in the recent past, perhaps about three years earlier.