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Game Informer’s executive editor Andrew Reiner said on the podcast “I reached out to ten to 15 people who worked for the company and they just didn’t want to talk about it all.Dead end after dead end after dead end.” He suggested that Valve is now fed up of being asked about it.By this point in the story you won’t be too surprised to read the words “There is no such thing as Half-Life 3,” but that’s exactly what was said by GI’s informant.Valve has a ‘flat’ structure, meaning there’s no real management, just a few influencing personalities.The art was acquired by the fan website Valve Time, who claimed the images were from a 2008 project.If they are indeed real concept sketches created by Valve, they suggest that work was certainly underway on Episode Three.

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But those projects appear to be a thing of the past now.Concept art is generally part of the pre-production process however, so it’s not an indication that the third episode ever even reached a greybox build. It seems no one outside of Valve’s inner sanctum knows the answer.While the concept art leak helps keep the candle of hope burning, the story of Return to Ravenholm offers an opposite viewpoint.It certainly puts the six year wait for Half-Life 2 into perspective.

During that time the general opinion on Episode Three has changed.November 20, 2018 Half-Life is 20 years old – as old as Gordon Freeman when he studied at MIT.