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01-Mar-2020 08:24

The people who respond this way deserve to go back to first grade and learn proper manners all over again.

Learn to express yourself in more then 160 letters, and bring back the conversation.

Listen, just because your ex-boyfriend dumped you for your best friend, or you found pictures of other girls in his phone, does not mean every single person is going to hurt you like he did. Demanding that they answer you right away will only push them away, resulting in an even further delayed response than you wanted. No partner should make you so mad that you drive by their house and call their phone 150 times.

If they do bring about that sort of behavior and anger, you should not be with their childish ass anyway. If this person is for you, they will prove it to you in a positive way.

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The fact that there are actual memes reflecting how answering with the single letter ‘k,’ rather than spelling out ‘okay,’ makes the receiver angry proves how childish our generation is.There are one million other fish in the sea looking for a decent person, but yet, you can’t find time to make the one right in front of you happy.