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She is very set in her ways, and if she believes she is right that is the end of the discussion.

She puts of a sense of vulnerability that no man can resist.

He always prefers a safe game and tried and tested things.

Capricorn and Pisces make an extremely lovely pair as Pisces is likely to be drawn to Capricorn’s aura of strength and conviction.

As her Capricorn male wallows in depression, she grows to love him more.

She feels needed by this man which makes her feel confident about herself. But sometimes her indecisiveness and dreamy attitude can confuse him and try his patience too.

From Shanghai, Beijing, to historic Xi’an, and Wuhu, the Country has many hidden gems. Tsinghua University has been referred to as “possibly the best university in the world for mathematics and computing.” This is a title well earned as China continues to put more world-class universities on the...

Social labels in China are a very interesting social phenomenon – simply because there are so many of them!

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