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If this test is positive, a blood test may be required.

Fuel is available everywhere, even in small villages.

Visitors riding or driving any vehicle registered in Norway (hired or borrowed) must have reached the minimum age required in Norway.

You must be 18 or over to drive/ride private cars and motorcycles over 125cc.

All petrol stations accept credit cards.112 - Here's a really important bit of knowledge; you can dial 112 from anywhere in Europe and an operator will connect you to an emergency service in the country you're visiting.

Operators can answer your call in their native language, English, and French.

Passengers in the rear of the vehicle must wear a seat belt if fitted.

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Source: All information in this document is sourced from the AIT (Alliance Internationale de Tourisme) & the FIA (Federation Internationale de l' Automobile) and, to the best of the RAC’s knowledge, is correct at the time of publication (May 2016).*Price for 1 day cover for up to 9 people travelling in a vehicle up to 1 year old in Zone 1.Stationary trams may be overtaken only on the right at moderate speed or on the left where there is no room on the right.